The Bodyworks DW Mission

  • Our main mission is to provide high quality deep tissue massage therapy focusing on long term solutions for clients’ issues with pain and stress
  • To support this mission we take action to grow massage therapy as a profession by providing high quality rigorous continuing education workshops and trainings in a team setting for all of our staff
  • It is also our mission to create and maintain the coolest massage therapy studio in NYC that focuses on an environment that fosters both the growth of our clients and of ourselves as therapists  😉
Our Mission is advanced massage therapy for pain

Our Goals & Values

  • Providing our highest level of care to each and every client during each and every session they have with our staff.
  • Nurturing clients with warm, open, and caring professionalism to create trust that the client will always receive quality work.
  • The creation and maintenance of friendly and relaxing studios that foster clients, therapists, and staff working together towards the achievement of client's’ personal health and life goals.
  • Researching and learning about new and better ways to care for a variety of client issues including stress and pain management.
  • The creation of and implementation of continuing education workshops and trainings for advanced massage therapy modeled after graduate studies in other fields.
  • Knowing when the client is better served working with a different practitioner or modality either in addition to our work, or instead of our work and maintaining a network of great referral partners in other wellness practices.
  • The growth of massage therapy as a profession through published blog posts, articles, books, and case studies promoting the benefits of working with a high quality therapist.
  • The growth of massage therapy as a profession through outreach programs to promote its benefits - making connections with other practitioners, businesses, doctors and surgeons, a broader client base, and schools.