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Top 5 Reasons to get a Medical Massage in Midtown

Top 5 Reasons to get a Medical Massage in Midtown

Evana Class, Senior LMT at Bodyworks DW, writes about why you should receive a medical massage in Midtown with Bodyworks DW!

Evana Class

Bodyworks DW has always focused on the effectiveness medical massage for pain relief. We look for the root causes of your pain, taking care to learn why the pain/discomfort is there. This helps both us and you work together to your continuing a healthy lifestyle. Medical massage in Midtown and Fidi is not just for those of you who are injured or reviving form surgery. It can be a great tool for preventing pain and for preparing for a big event. That 100 meter race, marathon, or that redeye 10 hour flight!

Reason #1: We have the same fantastic qualified massage therapists in Midtown as in Fidi

Each massage therapist in midtown also works in our Financial District Location. Every massage therapist takes part in regular advanced trainings with owner David Weintraub. And combined these trainings with their own talents and skills to create unforgettable medical massage experiences.

Each therapist is dedicated to improving their knowledge to meet the needs of many different kinds of clients. Our large team gives you the flexibility to find the therapist that feels like the best fit for you.

There is also great communication among the team. If you have to change therapists due to a schedule conflict, you’ll be well taken care of by anyone on our team. Our massage therapists share notes with each other, do regular research, and ask advice when they feel like they have hit a roadblock. The entire team is dedicated to finding what treatments will work best for your pain. We work collaboratively to be the most helpful to you.

This has lead to a substantial growth, since our happy clients send us their friends and family to work with. Our FiDi location is often fully booked on any given day. Especially during the popular post-work and weekend times. Which is the main reason we chose to create Bodyworks DW Midtown, so we can help more of you 🙂  

Reason #2: Our Midtown Studio is Super Accessible!  

Whether you live or work nearby or take public transportation, Midtown is very convenient. Grand Central Station is a mere 2 short blocks away. There are many subway lines through this major hub. The 4, 5, 6 green line trains running along the East side of Manhattan stops here. The 7 trains from Time Square to Queens stops here. And the S shuttle to Times Square stops here.

Coming from Westchester or Connecticut? You can leave the car and take Metro North, also at Grand Central station. Lots of our clients make a stop here after work before heading back North. It’s great place to take a break from the office or after work before the long commute home!  

For those of you working or living in midtown or anywhere North of 14th street, Bodyworks DW Midtown is available for your best medical massage in New York!

Reason #3: Sometimes plans change and you can’t keep your Fidi appointment

Things don’t always go according to schedule. You may get called into a meeting the day before your fidi appointment and just can’t get out of it. If your therapist works in midtown as well, check their schedule there. It’s likely they will have an opening sooner in Midtown than in Fidi to reschedule. And despite the fact that they seem far apart, midtown is only 12 minutes away from Fidi on the 4 train.

Sometimes plans change the other way around and you find yourself with a free afternoon or evening. That’s a great time to come in for a session! Midtown has more same day and last minute appointments available than midtown so don’t forget to check those.

Reason #4: Good Eats!

How about great food?  

While summer is still stumbling in you can take advantage of some of the unique qualities of midtown area.  Inside our building, in the basement is the highly recommended Sakagura know for it’s small plates and deep sake list. What a wonderful welcoming aroma as you make your way to the elevator bank 🙂

Next door are Soba Totto with homemade soba noodles and Luke’s Lobster, famous for its incredible lobster rolls!

And right across the street are the super upscale Sushi Yasuda which flies in amazing fish from Japan and Pietros, and old-school Italian eatery that opened in 1932.

After a great medical massage in midtown treat yourself to some fine food!

Reason #5: Local attractions (if you are visiting from out of town or simply never bothered)

Have some free time to explore? There are some big local sights within blocks of our studio.

Midtown has some wonderful places to explore starting with Grand Central Terminal. This is much more than a train station. Built in 1913 Grand Central has a lot to do, from guided tours, an amazing local food market, Iconic restaurants, and even tennis!

Visit the Melting pot of the World, The United Nations, learn about keeping nations at Peace, promoting human rights and bettering the development of other countries. It’s a block east from our studio 🙂

The Chrysler Building, an amazing art deco skyscraper built in 1930 was once the world’s tallest. Check out the art deco detailing throughout and get your inner Great Gatsby on! It’s just a block away and on the way to Grand Central.

We offer medical massage in Midtown from 12 pm to 9:30 pm. Would you like to schedule a professional medical massage with one of our highly trained massage therapists? Contact Bodyworks DW today or click on the button to book online at our medical massage Midtown studio!

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